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In like a lion…

I took a short hiatus from posting over the holidays, spending less time on my computer and wrapped up in my pixels, and more time spent making memories with my family. Time well spent, I’d say, especially since I had the privilege of spending four days in (arguably) the greatest locale in the nation for New Year’s Eve: New York City. Four days, three nights, of hustle, bustle, crowds, lights, fireworks, shows, shopping, and walking, walking, walking… all with camera in tow, of course. One image always gives me cause for pause…passing by in front of the twin lions, Patience and Fortitude, those enduring marble icons guarding the gates of the New York Public Library, I am always struck by how majestic they appear, quietly beckoning passersby to stop, browse, or just enjoy one of the most delightful public areas in the city. More images from the city to come… hope you enjoy…

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  1. Love the contrast in this!
    & I can’t wait to see the rest of your photos from NYC!

    January 5, 2012

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