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Wedding bells…


Until just recently, I was convinced that the idea of becoming a wedding photographer was not in my future. After all, I’d only attended a handful of weddings myself, so I was hardly an expert, and the conventional wisdom held by many was that shooting a wedding couldn’t possibly be worth the enormous stress and pressures of the job. Nope, I thought. Not for me.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Since this spring, I’ve taken part in a half a dozen or so weddings from various perspectives, both assisting other talented professionals and holding my own as a shooter, and I have found each experience richly exciting and rewarding.  Within the context of a wedding, there are myriad stories to tell, and innumerable ways to express them. Granted, emotions are high, but so are the rewards, and it’s frankly hard not to get swept up in the bliss of two people in love along with the joy shared by their families and friends.  A year ago, I would never have predicted this change of direction, but I have to say, it’s a wonderful feeling to realize there are more summits to climb, more surprises ahead.

And so, I’ve been busy–not blogging here as often as I used to, but working hard nonetheless to elevate my craft and vision for my clients as well as myself. Thanks, as always for your interest in my ramblings…Hope your summer is filled with nice surprises, as well. Enjoy!

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