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Prelude to a story…



Travel and street photography provide one of the richest sources for inspiration for me as a photographer. As a kid, growing up in the era of Life magazine and pouring over my National Geographics, I was always drawn to the tapestry of rich images that filled those pages, drawing me in, making me wonder about the people and their lives which were so foreign to my own. As a photographer today, I suppose I am drawn to images that tell those kinds of stories, or at least hint around the edges of them. This photograph was taken during a recent visit to Philadelphia, as my family and I were awaiting our day long excursion on the Big Bus to see Philly from top to bottom. The gentleman was an amazing flautist, skipping from one patriotic melody to another with fluidity and ease, his small flags framing his meager spot of the 12th Street Reading Terminal corner he called his own. His talent as well as his dignity captivated me, and today, I wonder about his life and where and how he mastered his instrument so well. It’s a simple photograph, with so many stories to tell. Hope you enjoy…

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