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Never give up…

This shot may look pretty simple, except to say that I only got it because I kept trying. It is the product of perseverance.

One evening a few weeks ago I had a short errand to run with my daughter–taking her to meet friends for a local football game. The sky was clear and by my calculation, once I dropped her off, the sun would be setting–the perfect golden hour for photographers. Sooooo, I grabbed my camera and tripod and figured I’d see what came my way. Just me and a race against time–a great little challenge! I set out down several scenic drives that I felt sure would garner me stock-worthy picturesque scenes: rolling hills, orange rays peeking over barntops, horses frolicking, lush pastoral scenes, all bathed in ripe golden light, …click, click, click….ahhh

OK, end the dream sequence.

Actually, I found… nada. Down every expectant turn, I hit a brick wall. Not literally of course, but in all seriousness, what I found were flat, uninspiring scenes… Worse, the sun was setting fast and down every road I turned, my perspective was blocked, or there were power lines, parked cars–well you get the, uh, picture (so to speak). After a few minutes, I was running out of options, and figured I’d probably have to head home, empty-handed. The sun was sinking lower by the minute, but I thought of one other spot that might, just might, pay off if I could get there before I found myself in abject darkness. So I turned the car around and gave it a shot, heading quickly for a small, tucked-away yet well-positioned spot that overlooks a gorgeous valley fairly near my home. I scooted up the short, steep road, one eye on the skyline, rapidly turning from orange to purple, and hoped once I reached the top, there would be enough glow left for my camera’s meter. When I reached the top, I jumped out, grabbed my tripod, and set up my shot.

I thought I was there for the sunset, but then I saw it. The perfect little waxing crescent, popping right into my line of sight. Click, click, and… click. There went the light. All gone. Poof!

Sometimes perseverance pays off. Hope you enjoy…

f/16, 1/10th, ISO 2500 50mm

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  1. StrangeLittleGirl #

    This is an awesome capture! I’ve yet to be able to successfully photograph the moon at this time of day, so kudos to you!!! It is truly amazing how quickly colorful cloud formations vanish in seconds and the sun fades away each day.

    November 16, 2011
  2. Darcy Isla #

    This looks like something straight out of a picture book or a greetings card! It’s like a painting.

    November 17, 2011
  3. Felicia Renee #

    The way you describe the photographer’s challenge is perfect. I too am a writer and dabble in photography every once in a while, and it definitely is a lot harder to get a great shot than one would think. Thank you for sharing your pictures, they are wonderful 🙂

    -Felicia Renee

    November 17, 2011

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