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Looking beyond the obvious…

I liked this image for the sense of mystery it evokes, which is perhaps exactly why I struggled more than usual for an appropriate title for this post. Generally, a title pops in my head fairly quickly… although to be clear, the titles are meant to headline the blog post, not to literally describe the photographs. In my opinion, a photograph should be able to communicate on its own–titled or untitled. If you have to explain it, you’ve somehow missed the boat. I recently spent a day in a workshop with one of my heroes, the brilliant Joe McNally, who made his mark as one of National Geographic’s and Life magazine’s greatest photographers. His personal mantra “Light is language”–succinctly sums up what I feel about photography. It was a day well spent, something I hope anyone following these posts feels after they spend a moment or two with one of my images. A moment well spent. To me, this photograph reiterates that in nature, scenes can offer more than meets the eye. These were simply vines in Crockett Park, near my home. But they evoke a sense of something almost primordial, and their curving grace were beautiful. Hope you enjoy. More later…

f/9.0, 160 sec, ISO 400, 170 mm

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