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Life as Art….



One of my favorite themes as a photographer is to try to create images that capture the artistic essence in the natural world. Art, as they say, truly is in the eye of the beholder, so  what resonates with me is completely subjective. Like any artist, I accept that premise and, while it’s a pleasure when I can strike a  chord with those who view or follow my work, it is not acceptance that drives me. Photography for me is an inner passion, an outward expression of thoughts, feelings, and emotions as I find them reflected in a subject or composition.  High minded? Perhaps. Is this image a picture of a cactus, or does it represent a beautiful symmetry of purpose, each geometric row of needles aligned in a perfect tactical position to defiantly defend this succulent life form against harm? The answer is, it is both, it’s more, and it’s whatever you see in it, as well. This is why I love  photography; this is what moves me to create. Hope you enjoy…