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Just thought I would wake everyone up a bit with these eye-popping fireworks.  Our area’s 4th display got rained out so we enjoyed our celebration last week. Taking photographs of fireworks is always a guessing game — you never know what you’ll have until you unwrap the present at home. Boom! Enjoy!

IMG_2452-3 IMG_2453-2  IMG_2434-1 IMG_2437-5 IMG_2366-9 IMG_2372-8 IMG_2400-7


Fireworks never fail to move me. Every year, as the celebration gets started I look wondrously up at the bursts of color and just when I feel I have seen it all before, a display comes along that literally makes me gasp, then break out in a smile. It’s fun to feel like a kid again, every fourth of July, even if it’s for just a few minutes. Hope you enjoy…