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Blue view….

Photography is all about creativity, as well as documentation. And most of the time,  interesting images emerge at the intersection of those two aspects. I know some folks are purists, and feel photography should be documenting the truth; others feel it’s entirely a creative art, with no boundaries at all. For me, it’s all about creating emotion and mood–something evocative. I photographed the Golden Gate Bridge quite a bit on my visit  last year, and tried in my limited time to find many different ways to portray it. This shot has been processed to emulate twilight, although admittedly, the blue atmosphere is entirely of my own making. It does bring out a different essence to the bridge, however, and in the end, I quite liked the alternative portrayal. It’s not something I’d go overboard with, but it’s certainly interesting to push the boundaries within yourself, from time to time. Hope you enjoy…

Arch rival…

Under the Double Arch

A few weeks ago I posted a few images shot while in St. Louis in and around its famous Arch. I guess I must be drawn to arches, because a week ago my family and I took off for a Sunday drive to visit another famous arch structure–this one only about 30 minutes from my home here in Williamson County, TN. I have driven under this particular arched bridge many times, but I was always on my way somewhere, and never took the extra time to circle around and really “look.” Last Sunday was that day, and boy was I treated to a view. This is the Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge, known locally as the Double Arch Bridge, a supremely beautiful structure that spans 582 feet and stands 145 tall. It won the Presidential Award for Design Excellence in 1995, and in one sweeping glance, it is easy to see why. This first image doesn’t do it justice but is a rather unique view from the bridge’s north underside. Interesting how the compression belies the true size of this structure.

From this view, the shape of the structure begins to appear, taken from just to the side and on the bridge’s north end.

Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge

Then I moved far right, to try to capture as much of the bridge as possible. The two gleaming, otherworldly arches, which look as if they have almost risen out of the earth below, are finally visible.

Finally, I mustered the courage to venture out onto the bridge, and was rewarded with this fantastic view of rural beauty. (The center speck in the sky is the hawk featured a couple of posts ago.) All in all, the afternoon was photographically, all I could have hoped for, and all just a few moments from home. Hope you enjoy…