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I generally am not a huge fan of heavy post processing, but I am definitely a believer in doing whatever it takes to reveal the artistic vision within an image. That is not to say lemonade can be made out of any lemon, and I ruthlessly delete any photograph that exhibits obvious flaws from the get-go. However, I rarely ever delete in camera (memory space notwithstanding) and I at least give every image one go viewing on my computer before I toss it in the trash bin. The above shot is a perfect example of why I like to give every photograph a fighting chance before I give up on it.

This scenic view appeared to me recently as our cruise ship entered the coastal waters of Honduras, early one morning, as the fog was heavy and the mist obscured most of the coastal detail from view. However, my naked eye could discern a shadowy lighthouse and the architecture of the Spanish style structure within the mist. I took several shots as we cruised by, though I was not entirely hopeful they’d turn out clearly enough to publish. Once I began to post-process, I began to feel there was hope, as I gently tweaked my contrast, urged some level of detail and clarity, and finally added a slight warming tone to the final product. The result is an impressionistic scene, which is exactly what I felt as we traveled past peering into the dusky morning light–the small boat adding a human touch to the otherwise lonely waters. I am glad I gave it life, as it’s a special moment and memory to me. Hope you enjoy as well…

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