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Stretching my wings…


Sometimes you reach a point where you know it’s time to stretch a little. You know that feeling, when you sitting in one place too long, and the desire to move, reach out, and extend yourself comes over you? It’s a natural human reaction to confinement. I believe this is an apt metaphor for the artistic life, as well. I’ve been pretty comfortable lately–enjoying my own work, enjoying my blogging and the positive comments that occasionally come my way, and enjoying sharing my work and skills with friends, family, and work associates. But change is good, and challenges are good, and in these last few months, I realized I needed to step out of my nest, to push and extend myself a little more.

The photographs here represent three I submitted to a juried exhibit to be hung at our city library that was sponsored by our local photography club, of which I recently  became an active member. I have not tried to exhibit since my days at college, more than three decades ago, so this was an exciting prospect for me. The theme of the exhibition was simple “Books”–and being a lifelong reader, holder of a masters in literature, and owner of some “gazillion or so” books, I certainly felt the subject itself was not a stretch. The stretch was simply taking that first step, which I committed myself to do.

The image above was the one that I am happy to report, was selected by the judges to be included in the 25 final photographs for the exhibit. Those below are the additional two I submitted, so perhaps  my blog readers will have an opinion these as well.  I think the one selected was probably the more creative one, and therefore stood out from many of the others, so perhaps that was why it was selected. In any case, I am  thrilled to have had one chosen, and so proud to be among the 25 stellar prints that are currently hanging in the library’s exhibition hall. The entire process has done wonders for my sense of artistic development and my enjoyment of my craft.

So as spring is upon us, I hope the season breaths new life into whatever you enjoy doing, as well. Hope you enjoy…


IMG_5827-1 IMG_5823-1

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  1. Nice. I can almost smell the books on the second shot.

    April 7, 2013
  2. Thanks–the second shot was my favorite as well. I love old books and finding wonderful old bookstores as well.

    April 7, 2013
  3. Lisa Robert #

    I love these Debbie! The one that was chosen is really great, and congratulations!! (like the old books too- can’t ever resist those 🙂

    April 8, 2013

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