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The Camel’s back…



The desert is a fascinating place to me. Its timeless existence, its inpenetrable hardiness, its sheer rugged beauty provides such fodder for composition. Perhaps the fact that it’s just so different from what I see day to day that makes it seem like exotic territory, but still… you have to wonder when you really look closely: How does life survive in such a place? And yet, the succulent life sprouting up from these rocky crags proves life is ever-present. This view of the side of Camelback Mountain was shot at dawn’s early light, when the flickers and woodpeckers were stirring to life along with probably hundreds of other life forms I couldn’t see, but I certainly sensed. It was a pristine moment, alone,  in wonderment, in the chill of the February air. Hope you enjoy…

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  1. Joan Susie #

    bet that is the Phoenican.

    March 12, 2013

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