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Tender snowdrops…


Yesterday, we awoke to dazzling array of white–a rare treat in our corner of the world–even for mid-winter! Soft, beautiful white fluff, wafting down from the clouds, quietly covering all that was green below. With temperatures predicted to rise by mid-morning, I moved quickly toward the ever-inspiring landscape of my own backyard, armed with a dedicated macro (a lovely Christmas gift indeed!) to capture what I hoped would be some unique images.  This one above is one of my favorites from the morning, because while I shot many sequences of snow while looking down, I particularly like the aspect of looking up, seeing how the tiny variegated privet delicately balances the loft of snow on its leaves.

Within an hour or so, all the snowdrops became drips… as the sun shone and the greenery returned. I hope you enjoy these tiny frozen moments that remain.



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