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Postcards from the Edge…



“Wish you were here…” 

Doesn’t just about every postcard you ever got start or end with this sentiment? I am not sure how many people actually send postcards these days, and I suppose our camera phones and wireless smart devices have replaced them almost entirely. I think of my travel photographs as “postcards”… they are a way to mentally transport me, and those I share them with, to another place entirely. In this case, it’s the edge of the western U.S.–at the beach at Santa Monica in California. With gray skies and freezing temps over most of the country, and in many other places in the globe, I thought this warm, picturesque scene might ward off winter’s chill–if not in body, at least in spirit. Hope you enjoy…

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  1. oh my god i LOVE this picture!! santa monica is one of my favourite places, i spent a lot of my childhood there. this photo totally took me back. its beautiful! would you mind if i shared it on my blog (with credit given of course!!)??

    February 1, 2013
    • Hey there! Thanks for the nice words, and I am so glad you like the shot. Of course, feel free to use it and if you can credit it to, that would be awesome. It surely was beautiful–what a great place to have grown up! Cheers!

      February 1, 2013

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