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Hollywood’s earthly delights…



This is a post that harkens a theme I draw upon quite a lot–inspiration is everywhere. This beautiful eucalyptus tree was captured on a recent sightseeing trip in a city more famous for its concrete jungle than its natural scenic beauty: Los Angeles. In fact, this was not even taken at one of the state or national parks near the city, but rather it was smack in the middle of the Hollywood Bowl, a stone’s throw away from the tangle of interstates and byways that envelop LA’s urban landscape. The majority of our six-day visit had been spent inside movie studios, pounding the pavement at tourist sites and otherwise exploring the city life of one of the country’s great cities, and one of our last stops was to see in person the structure that has for more than 70 years, been home to some of the best musical concerts on earth. While wandering down to the stage area to take a look around, I couldn’t help but gaze upward at these magnificent natural wonders. This one, in particular, had the wow factor that took me aback–a true Hollywood star. Hope you enjoy…

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