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Autumn art…


I live for autumn. The world is awash with the most beautiful color imaginable. Sometimes it truly just stops me dead in my tracks, and I have to pause and breathe it in. I realize it should be a melancholy time, when the vibrant life of summer fades, dries, crumples, and eventually blows away… but I think for  exactly that reason, I cherish autumn’s fleeting, vibrant beauty all the more. Lately, I’ve been blessed with a double dose of opportunity–fantastic autumn color plus an early morning dose of sugar frosting sprinkled over nature’s palette. Two mornings this week I bundled up, cold tripod in hand, and set out to discover new worlds laying right before my feet. Geometry, color, and texture was everywhere… nevermind numb fingers and toes… it was a photographer’s wonderland. Hope you enjoy…

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  1. I certainly did enjoy. Beautiful texture, layers and colours.

    November 15, 2012

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