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Decisions, decisions…


Today is decision day for the United States, so I guess it seemed an apt metaphor for my post this morning. By the time we all go to bed tonight, we’ll have the outcome  to what seems the longest running campaign in history, and most people I talk to simply say they’ll be happy when it’s over, already! So, speaking of decisions, my image today is another one I captured on the Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk a couple of weeks ago, and I am actually very pleased with the end result, based upon a lot of decisions I made on how to develop it.

This was a situation where I definitely previsualized a dramatic black and white image from what I saw as strong graphic lines with this bird in silhouette.  As I moved the image in various phases of post processing, I got closer and closer to something that felt dramatic and striking. I could have gone with an absolute white/black graphic design, but instead, the deep silvery gray lent a moodiness to the work that just seemed “right.” All these post-processing decisions are part of what makes a photographer’s work unique and a statement of art–which is why, as a form of expression, it never gets old to me.  This image started out as  a simple bird on a ledge, but ended up as something much more. Hope you enjoy…

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  1. md #

    thats great work!

    November 27, 2012

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