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Cafe Noir…


Been away a while… traveling, catching up with family, caught up with work commitments. But like a siren song, my passion always brings me back here.  And a week ago, my passion led me to participate in the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk–a great experience that led to new friends and more importantly, forced me to challenge myself in new ways by “shooting on my feet” so to speak.  The idea is to walk around your designated city for two hours and shoot what you see. Sounds easy… but the challenge is finding really interesting compositions right in your own backyard. As it turns out, I found quite a few, once I began to look beyond the obvious, and really look with my photographer’s eye. This was one of my favorites… found while spying through a local cafe from the open door in the alleyway. To me, it evokes a scene straight out of an old film noir…. the lonely patron, the darkened corners, the sense of waiting… feels like Cary Grant might stroll in, any moment. Hope you enjoy…


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  1. Passions have a way of drawing you back. Nice mood in this one.

    October 30, 2012

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