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Nature at her best…


I was recently perusing some of the photographs I tool while on a walk through Muir Woods last year, and just the sight of those giant, lumbering trunks, the shafts of sunlight pushing their way through the thick foliage to offer twinkling beams in between the branches, made me wish I could close my eyes and teleport back there for just one more look. I was there on a family trip and it was a relatively quick walk through the forest, but certainly enough time to drink it in, and take a few shots I am thankful for. Interestingly, while the shots of the towering giants are probably the ones that capture the most iconic memories, the one above perhaps captures the essence of Muir best for me. While the striking Sequoia may be the stars, the rest of the forest was to me, equally delightful. The lush ferns, thick with morning dew and spiderwebs, the sprouting young Sequoia, pushing through the undergrowth to begin a life that will surely last longer than several generations of my own, and the fuzzy moss that provides a moist blanket on every living surface–these also resonate in my mind, and refresh my soul like a long, cool drink. Hope you also enjoy…

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