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Remember the human element…


Travel photography generally consists of gorgeous photos of faraway places that instantly transport the viewer to a locale that is generally more exotic/warm/inviting/peaceful (you fill in the blank) than the mundane place he/she is viewing from. It’s a wonderful way to experience the world through the magic and artistry of a talented  travel photographer. I subscribe to several photoblogs that concentrate on travel photography just for that reason, and have often thought that if I could walk away from my day to day encumbrances, the life of a travel photographer would be one of the most rewarding of all. However, in the real world, (where I have another full time job) I am actually lucky enough to have been able to travel with my family to see many new places, and, when I do, I live the life of a “travel photographer” to the fullest.

One thing that is important to me, when I travel and shoot, is to capture the small essences that truly make a place memorable and unique. The day-to-day living, the people, signs, businesses, language and culture.  That is to say, the human element. The photograph above is a great example of this. To me, it says: Paris. Why? Because it was taken outside the Notre Dame, where thousands of sparrows are known to gather and flock on a regular basis. The sparrows were so charming… nearly as captivating as the majestic cathedral itself, just steps away. The next couple of shots were taken at the same time–the little girl was unknown to me, but her sweet way of reaching out to the sparrows was the perfect characterization of my memory of the Notre Dame garden. Among other things, those sparrows are one special memory of Notre Dame–one I enjoy sharing, through my photography, to others as well. Hope you enjoy…

An outstretched hand…








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