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The Supermoon consolation prize…

There were quite a lot of shots flying around photo sites this last week after the famed Supermoon made its appearance, and I’ll admit I would have been right there, too, if a fair amount of cloud cover in my area hadn’t knocked my opportunity out of the running. Oh well. The day after, however, I was up around 5:15 when I looked out and saw this striking image. The moon was simply glowing in the dark sky, which only had whispers of morning light beginning in eke in. Now, not having seen the actual Supermoon, I cannot say how much bigger it would have appeared to the naked eye, but to me, this was simply stunning. So I moved quickly, set up the tripod and gave it my best shot. Taking a high contrast shot like this is tricky, so I ended up bracketing and merging exposures after the fact, because I wanted to capture the halo and a bit of the sky and trees without blowing all the highlights out of the moon. Sometime I hope to perfect this technique, but for now, it’s a fairly good representation of the way my eyes saw it that morning. I have a few other shots I am working on from a few minutes later, as the sky turned blue, then purple, then pink… so those might appear in subsequent posts. I’ll just leave you with this one, for now. Hope you enjoy…

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