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Local flavor…

Mmmm. Ok, so it’s early, before breakfast, so maybe that had some influence on my choice of photo today. Those berries look mouth-watering! But the real reason I am posting this image is to mention something I love to do when traveling. Beyond the obvious sights–the skyscrapers, landscape vistas, and must-see tourist stops–one of my favorite things to do is isolate small aspects of a locale that really bring home its local flavor. In this case, I eyed these bountiful strawberries at  a produce stand near Pier 39 in San Francisco. I remember passing by these overflowing bushels of berries  and stopping to think of the rich history of farmland that the Pacific coast has long been known for, and that my favorite writer, John Steinbeck, loved so much. It was a nice moment, and one that these berries take me back to each time I view this shot. Now… for that breakfast! Hope you enjoy…

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  1. oolung #

    This is plain abuse! I love strawberries, it’s one of my two favourite types of fruit, and here in China they look suspiciously puffed up, pale and cost 20 yuan for about 12 strawberries (back home that would buy me at least a kilo of fresh, natural, ripe and mouth watering strawberries). Plus since when the strawberry season starts in March?!?!?! In a word: I’m deeply unhappy about my current strawberry situation. Please don’t tell me the next picture will be of sweet cherries…

    April 24, 2012

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