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Looking up…waaay up…


I took a trip recently to the amazing Sedona area and was not disappointed in the gorgeous landscape and scenery of the desert Southwest! With only  a day trip’s worth of time to shoot, my subjects were fairly well known but I still tried my best to capture some creative images. This shot was taken at the popular tourist spot known as Montezuma’s Castle–an ancient cliff dwelling of the Sinagua Indians carved into the sandstone. While the dwelling is indeed impressive from a historic and cultural basis, what captured my attention photographically were the giant white sycamores that populated the ground below, their stature and gleaming albino bark making a sizzling contrast to the deep azure sky above. I was tantalized with so many image possibilities! I could have remained here for hours but in my 30 minute stay, managed to come away with at least a few photographs that recall this unique beauty and experience. This composition captures the dizzying perspective of looking from the base of one of the white giants to the cliffs above. I hope this translates to others as well! Hope you enjoy…

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