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Light, camera, action…


In previous posts, I took images of New York City and, through the magic of post-processing, managed to harken back to an era long gone by. There is a certain magic in that, a bit of alchemy that allows a modern photographer to artistically render an image that transports you in time. The image I am posting today, however, is straight from the here and now. In fact, just 17 days ago, to be exact. This was taken the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, standing in the most exciting city in the world (ok, my opinion…) just hours before its gigantic, blow-out, block party.  The crowds seen here covered every street, every block, every corner, up and down the entire borough of Manhattan. What attracts me to this photograph today is the unmistakable life cursing through it; the people, the sunlight, the taxis… you can almost hear and feel the bustle, the horns, the low rumble of thousands of people, all vying to occupy one extremely  small plot of metropolitan real estate. This is the real New York City. Crowded, gritty…and utterly alive! Hope you enjoy…

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  1. Inspired and pretty #

    I adore New-York city and I love this photo !

    January 25, 2012

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