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Thinking globally, shooting locally…


Felt like something a little different today, and I have recently been viewing some of my images from Paris, so I thought I’d post this one, which falls in the travel category. It’s such a pleasure to travel with my camera, and often I feel like a kid in a candy store–my eyes are overwhelmed with the sheer scope of the unique imagery around me. And while everyone has to take the requisite photographs of the Tour Eiffel while in Paris, it’s a delight to find tiny, overlooked opportunities as well. This is one such photo, taken while my family was browsing through what seems like hundreds of identical souvenir shops one passes as you walk along the boulevards. The delicate placement of the pretty globes and their sparkling colors just caught my eye, and they also capture one of the essences of the “real” Paris, to me. Hope you enjoy…

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  1. 50 States Design Project #

    Great shot. I love it.

    December 20, 2011
    • Thanks — I love finding the “little things” in a special place…

      December 20, 2011

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