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Framing your perspective…

I am in the midst of organizing and archiving my collection of photographs and while the task is a bit overwhelming (even tedious at times), I have enjoyed finding a few nuggets I’d filed and forgotten about. The images posted here are from some photographs shot about a year ago, quickly snapped as some colorful balloons passed over my house. I managed to grab a half dozen of them, trying hard to focus on a moving target and get the entire balloon in frame–I even got details of the folks inside waving down to me. Nice! The colors were gorgeous, and I was satisfied that I captured that moment with vivid clarity. However, looking back a year later, I realized that the compositions were pretty, well, safe…they really didn’t break any new ground or evoke any emotion other than the memory of the balloon. Then I really looked again. I focused on the lines, the curves, the bands of color, the geometry, and what I see now is much more interesting. My posts today are two of my re-edits from my “nice” balloon photographs. This is one of the many things I find so engaging about photography…It’s all about seeing, and sometimes “re-seeing” again and again. Hope you enjoy…

1) f/13, 1/125 sec, ISO 400, 210 mm
2) f/18, 1/125 sec, ISO 400, 120 mm

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