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Water power …

The events of the past week with Hurricane Irene remind us all once again of the mighty power of water. Irene’s surge and the torrential rains that are plaguing the northeastern region of the country harken back to images of the destruction of Katrina, the broken levees along the Mississippi, and the ocean of water that descended on my hometown of Nashville, just a little over a year ago. Combine enough of those tiny molecules of H2O and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with.

Which brings me to this image, taken from the banks of Niagara Falls in 2009. There are few places I can imagine that demonstrate the mighty power of water like Niagara. To compose this image, I leaned about as far as one can (safely) over the rail to entirely frame the rushing water and white foam–6 million cubic feet a minute barreling over the precipice to a 170 foot drop. The icing for me that day was being there at the moment the sun’s lowering rays turned to golden, which reflected in the white water and transformed the Niagara to a beautiful emerald green. Hope you enjoy…

f/10, 1/800th, ISO 400, 250 mm

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