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Fore and aft…

Foregrounds can make or break a great landscape. One thing I learned, much to my surprise during my recent visit to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim, was that I had more fun with my telephoto lens than I did with the ultra wide angle I had purchased just before the trip. Oh sure, you gotta have an ultra wide to completely capture those sweeping canyon views… but once there, I was struck by the truth of what so many talented landscapers already know: It’s the foreground that can make a landscape truly stand out and give it a unique twist. And while foregrounds can be included with any lens, the compression of a normal or telephoto can create even more impact. This image is one example–I love the deep indigos of the canyon in the background, but I was really drawn to the lines of what was probably once a canyon spruce hanging near the edge. Hope you enjoy…

f/22, 1/30th sec., ISO 200, 70 mm

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