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Going on pure feeling….

Sometimes, you just go on gut. Sometimes, you create images simply by connecting the feelings emanating from the emotional side of your heart and brain, with the triggers in your fingers. You don’t think… you just do. Those are often the images that end up meaning the most, at least to the photographer.

This is not a technically perfect image. Not by a stretch. But to me, it’s evocative, impressionistic. It took about an hour to capture… sitting near the gulf’s edge, watching a storm brew in the distance, feeling the sea salt in the balmy night air, the wind buffeting my tripod to a point that I figured nothing would be in focus anyway, so why not go for a long exposure … and just let it ride? I tripped the shutter dozens of times, each time, the nightscape changing ever so slightly. I simply sat, watched, and felt.

This resulting image conveys my emotions that evening, captivated by the far-away storm, barely able to discern the lines between land, sea, and air. For a short while, I just let nature, and my camera, take their course. Hope you enjoy…

f/7.1, 15 seconds, ISO 400, 31 mm

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