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Those elusive, gossamer wings …

During last weekend’s visit to Old Hickory Lake in nearby Sumner County, on a gorgeous Mother’s Day Sunday, my family indulged me in a lovely nature walk where I could “stop and shoot the roses,” wherever I liked. For a photographer, there is no better gift! We headed to Bledsoe State Park, and hiked the three-mile Shoreline/Highland Rim Trail through mostly lakeside terrain that offered quite a few interesting landscapes and local waterfowl to capture my attention. In between my frames of some blue heron feeding in the lake, while waiting to see if I could capture them in flight, I managed to zero in on a couple of dragonflies… flitting, buzzing, and skimming on the water’s edge. Didn’t think for a minute, honestly, that I’d ever come home with anything to speak of, but happy for the moment, just to challenge myself to “the hunt.” When I got home, however, I was fairly pleased with this little guy….whose delicate web-like wings stand out sharply against the lovely blue reflections and capture the sense of peace I felt at the moment. In the end, my husband and children gave me the perfect Mother’s Day gift, and this image is my “thank you” to them for supporting and appreciating my passion for photography.

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