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Thanks, big ears…

On a drive home yesterday during that golden time of day photographers like me thirst after, I took time to pull off the road to try to capture a farm scene near where I live as the sun was setting. As I looked around for the optimal spot, I glanced up to see two hot air balloons traveling on the same route as I, so I thought, “OK, see what you can do with these, since the farm will be there tomorrow…” I hastily set up and zoomed overhead, only to have my shot ruined by nearby power lines. Sighing, and ready to pack it up and go home, I suddenly spotted a pretty white fence line I had not noticed before, as the white was turning yellow as it absorbed the last few minutes of the golden sun. Not expecting anything wondrous, but resolved not to come home empty-handed, I focused down the fence line and snapped a few frames. Then, something magical happened. Two pinkish-orange ears popped out from the tall green grass, and then a full bunny, stretching upward. He was frozen… listening to what, I am not sure, but literally frozen in this perfect pose. I was able to reset my tripod, reframe, and click through quite a few shots before he bounded away. I was delighted with the scene, and quite happy that I had happened upon something worthwhile after all.

The more experience I get, the more I realize that at least half of successful photography comes from simply watching, and being prepared, for any moment that comes. I was pleasantly surprised and enchanted by this moment, and as the bunny hopped away, I whispered an appreciative farewell to him for becoming a surprise guest in my composition.

f/16, 1/125 sec., ISO 400, 300 mm

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