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Spring cleaning…

Not sure what all this was about. A couple of morning ago, we watched as this busy critter worked furiously to dig out a burrow underneath a shrub next to our back patio. Having previously watched this little guy (girl?) around our home…she is a permanent fixture scurrying around nearly every day, nibbling on grass, napping under the shrubs, hopping gaily to and fro, I was fascinated to watch her work on this burrow for nearly three hours. Dig, dig, dig, rest, dig, dig, dig, rest. Two hours passed and I thought she’d found a new route to China. Then, she changed her tactic, and began collecting nearby leaves, twigs, and dry grass to fill in the hole. As she busied herself with this industrious task, I set up the tripod within about 10 feet of the action. She worked; I waited, exposing a dozen or so shots as she struck various resting poses. I tried out several apertures, playing with variations on stop action and bokeh. Finally this moment arrived. Click. About an hour later, the hole was filled and she never returned. We’ll see what she does with her new real estate as spring progresses. More later…

f/5.6, 1/1500 sec., ISO 400, 150 mm

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  1. Where the bunny have the easter-eggs? 🙂
    Cool shot!

    March 13, 2011

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